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Chapter 160D deadline extended for local governments

Chapter 160D deadline extended for local governments

Gov. Roy Cooper recently signed a bill addressing Chapter 160D, giving local governments six more months to revise existing ordinances. The new deadline is now July 1, 2021. Additionally, comprehensive plans must be in place by July 1, 2022 to retain authority to apply zoning regulations after that date.

According to the UNC School of Government, “Chapter 160D of the N.C. General Statutes consolidates current city- and county-enabling statutes for development regulations into a single, unified chapter. Chapter 160D places these statutes into a more logical, coherent organization. While the new law does not make major policy changes or shifts in the scope of authority granted to local governments, it does provide many clarifying amendments and consensus reforms that will need to be incorporated into local development regulations.”

The importance of having concise, clear and seamless ordinance and land use documents cannot be overstated. Therefore, now is the time to review current processes, make necessary additions and revisions, and adopt the newly prescribed procedures.

WithersRavenel’s dedicated professionals are ready to work with your community on Chapter 160D updates. We will help you build on your vision and goals to create an integrated document that works for both the State and your community, including its residents, property and business owners, and those who wish to submit for development or redevelopment.

If you have questions regarding 160D or other planning efforts, contact Director of Planning Brendie Vega at (919) 535-5212 or