Extra, extra: WithersRavenel’s Marshall Wight on the set of “The Peripheral” – WithersRavenel

Extra, extra: WithersRavenel’s Marshall Wight on the set of “The Peripheral”

Extra, extra: WithersRavenel’s Marshall Wight on the set of “The Peripheral”

When the Amazon series “The Peripheral” is released on Oct. 21, viewers may be able to catch a glimpse of a WithersRavenel employee.

Asheville Survey Group Director Marshall Wight, PLS, was on the set for multiple weekends of filming in Madison County. The Town of Marshall serves as a backdrop for the series along with a futuristic depiction of London, England. The series stars Chloe Grace Moretz and Jack Reynor.

Marshall responded to a casting call on Facebook, sending in a headshot and full-body selfie. He later heard from casting staff, asking if he would be available to serve as a stand-in and extra.

While spending multiple weekends on set in Madison County about a year ago, Marshall served as a stand-in for Reynor and other actors in the series, including Austin Rising. As a stand-in, which Marshall described as being a “meat prop,” the filming crew would set up and shots and practice shooting scenes before bringing the actors on set. Marshall found learning about the behind-the-scenes aspect of filmmaking interesting, although it was literally a lot of standing around.

His time on film as an extra is during a tavern scene, so that is where to look for Marshall. He was provided with a flannel shirt to wear, which he said was super cheap and thin.

“Later that night I was caught in a downpour and inadvertently kept the flannel,” Marshall said. “I washed it once and it fell apart.”

Marshall almost had other opportunities to appear in the series. The casting staff asked for pictures of his arms and hands with the intent to use him as a body double. Marshall’s hands were nearly used in a scene where he would have been planting a bomb. After dressing in a silk shirt, bulletproof vest, and gold chains (“I knew I was a goon,” Marshall said), the scene was cut before it was even filmed. He also missed the cut for another scene (clothing not approved) and another distant-shot scene (the actual actor did the shoot).

The casting staff wanted Marshall to be available for more stand-in and extra work but, as Marshall said, “I had a real job.” Plus, on another day, he chose a Tennessee Volunteers football game over film work. Though there was an added benefit to the stand-in work: after several 12- to 14-hour days (and one overnight session), the pay allowed Marshall to splurge.

“I think I made enough to buy a grill,” he said.

Marshall has seen the trailer, and is looking forward to watching the series to see how the story’s blend of futuristic London and Western North Carolina comes together. He is also looking forward to potentially seeing “all the other people I had to waste time with” in the series.

Ironically, Marshall (the man) is named after Marshall (the town), where “The Peripheral” was filmed. His grandfather was from the town. And there is another potential WR tie to the film: Marketing Director Lena Richards’ father drove a truck during some filming, so he may be on screen as well.

“The Peripheral” is based on the book of the same name by author William Gibson. Additional filming took place in Asheville and Burnsville, so keep your eyes open for familiar WNC spots when you tune in.