Owner Profile: Bri Labbate – WithersRavenel

Owner Profile: Bri Labbate

Owner Profile: Bri Labbate

WithersRavenel is full of hard-working and talented employee-owners. Even in this environment, Bri Labbate stands out. As part of the Marketing Department, Bri brings her unique flair for design, diligence and work ethic to every project that touches her hands. Not only does she lead WithersRavenel’s social media communications, Bri also creates stunning visual products for both internal and external audiences.

Her enthusiasm for quality work and eye-catching design makes her an asset to whatever team she’s working with in the company. Plus she’s just a fun person to be around. Here’s a look at what makes Bri tick and her work at WithersRavenel.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Work starts by coming up with a social media plan for the day for our platforms. I will also check our social media accounts, get a feel for how our posts did for the previous day. Then I’ll usually go into InDesign; I may be working on a new document or design for a project, or something that I’ve already been working on related to a project, service for a client or a proposal. Usually about 10 o’clock the “can you helps” start coming from other departments, and the day may turn out differently than I thought it would.

What has been your favorite project to work on at WithersRavenel?

My favorite project has been the Town of Weaverville Walking Map. I had a lot of creative control over creating the walking guide, and I thought the client and I worked really well together. Another project came out of that, which was designing the Town seal. It was a really rewarding project, and one of the first major ones I did for a client as a WithersRavenel employee.

How has WithersRavenel helped you in your career development?

I have learned to be more organized. We have a lot of process documents and methods for how we complete tasks, and though organization is not something I always like to do, it has helped me. Following the processes, it’s like something clicked. It has helped me organize my thoughts, leading to more ideas and finding the idea that sticks.

What don’t people understand about marketing?

Good ideas, graphics, executing a social media campaign, they take time. Creative work can get demanding; we don’t have these masterful ideas in some kind of word bank.

Where do you see yourself professionally 10 years from now?

I could live on a flower farm and make pottery. Does that make it sound like I’m 80?

Seriously though, I would want to be in an art director role. Doing less production work and more overseeing. I also see myself being involved in the arts community, and I would like to be an advocate for young professional women in some capacity.

Bonus questions

Before working at WithersRavenel, what is the most interesting, exciting job you’ve had?

When I turned 18, I worked at a pub. I waited on customers and I didn’t know anything about alcohol. The manager said this would be the hardest job you’ll ever have and he was right. I had to deal with barely-legal camp counselors. There was a mustard vandalism night. I had to tell a veteran who was 20 that he couldn’t drink.

I dyed a portion of my hair hot pink, got it bleached by the bartender who worked there. My parents and boyfriend at the time were upset. So upset. Very dramatic time in my life. But in just a few months I made enough money to pay for my first semester of school, and that was the whole reason I got the job.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am a really good foosball player. I can also scat pretty well.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would go to Prague in the Czech Republic. A teacher I really respected who had been to many countries said that was the most beautiful place in the whole world.

Tell us about your kitties.

You mean k-i-d-d-i-e-s, right? They (Dusty and Coco) are growing up so fast. They are spunky, they have attitude. We are all about female empowerment. We are some tough cats up in here, but we are having a good time watching “Trailer Park Boys.” The kitties are friends and they’ve really bonded.