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Remembering Alex White

Remembering Alex White

Amidst the steady hum of a corporate office, we come to accept the ebb and flow that happens as new members join the team and old colleagues move on to the next endeavor. But there is little to prepare us for the sudden shock that happens when a valued coworker and friend passes away unexpectedly, and we are deeply saddened to announce the loss of Alex White. Alex was only 32 years old, with a cheerful outlook and a quick smile, and he will be sorely missed.

Alex earned an MBA from East Carolina University and was a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He was recommended to WithersRavenel by one of the firm’s long-term client and trusted friends, Bubba Rawl. He joined the Land Development & Planning department in 2014. President Jim Canfield describes Alex’s time here this way: “Alex immediately endeared himself to fellow WithersRavenel team members. He was always courteous and gracious, and was one of those that immediately brightened a room with his smile and cheerful disposition. Alex always lifted your mood and was constant reminder of what a difference a great attitude can make. I will miss him.”

The knowledge he brought from his previous work with Pencell Plastics, NCSU, and a private landowners association, combined with his CAD skills, made him an invaluable member of the team. He was a key contributor to many of the firm’s residential land development projects throughout the Triangle, including more than 1,500 hours developing the Deer Creek community in Apex, NC.

Tucker McKenzie, who mentored Alex and worked with him in the Land Development Department, says, “Alex was a great co-worker and an even better person. I can say that he helped me grow as a mentor much as I helped him. He treated everyone he was in contact with the utmost respect: I’d often have to tell him not to call me “sir.” And you’d never see him without a grin or a smile—that guy was always happy. It’s hard to put into words how much he will be missed, but I can say it was an honor to have called Alex a friend.”

Alex had recently transferred from the firm’s headquarters in Cary to Wilmington, NC, where he was working to expand the firm’s civil engineering presence on the coast. More importantly, he helped to grow our Wilmington family, as fellow Wilmington office member Troy Beasley can attest: “Alex joined the Wilmington Office in early 2017 and was a welcomed addition. He fit right in and quickly became one of the crew and a valued member of our team. He was always happy to lend a hand wherever he could. I never saw him in a bad mood, and he always had a smile. Alex had a great sense of humor, a sharp wit and was always in on the joke. He was a great coworker and an even better person.”

Joe Boyd, Alex’s supervisor and another one of the Wilmington crew, adds, “Alex was a pleasure to get to know and mentor over the last year. His move down here to Wilmington was seamless, which says a lot about a person coming from an office with one hundred people to one with five. He fit right in immediately and that is all to his credit. He never seemed to have a bad day and was always ready to take the next challenge. I learned a lot about myself through working on projects with him. I miss him greatly, not only as a great coworker but as a great friend.”

Outside of work, Alex was an avid hunter and an accomplished offshore fisherman. He spent most of his free time in the summers on a boat fishing offshore, and frequently competed in offshore fishing tournaments with friends at Hatteras. Troy recalls, “We often swapped hunting and fishing stories, and he would always sit down and listen to whatever was on my mind at the time. He will be terribly missed, and the Wilmington Office seems a little empty without him.”

Alex made a positive impression on everyone he met in the three short years he was with WithersRavenel. Co-founder of the firm Tony Withers reminds us “We cannot understand God’s plans. Why take such a great kid away from us so soon? We always think we can spend more time the next time, and I regret I did not get to know Alex better. I can say all I ever heard was how great a guy he was and a great addition to WithersRavenel. I only saw him every now and then, and we would chat briefly, but he was always so friendly and appreciative with a great attitude and a big smile. I think all of us will miss ‘Cheese.’”

We will remember Alex, and we will hold his family, friends, and coworkers in our thoughts and prayers.