Sanford asset management success in latest APWA Reporter – WithersRavenel

Sanford asset management success in latest APWA Reporter

Sanford asset management success in latest APWA Reporter

Asset management works, and the City of Sanford, North Carolina, is the proof. In a recent article published in the APWA Reporter, WithersRavenel Chief Experience and Innovation Officer (CXIO) Eddie Staley, PLS, GISP walks through how the City of Sanford went from feeling the strain of growth on their sanitary sewer infrastructure to proactively planning for new development.

In the role of CXIO, Eddie specifically focuses on designing, orchestrating, and improving the WithersRavenel customer and employee experience. That includes helping long-standing clients like the City of Sanford find cross-disciplinary solutions to their most pressing planning and operational challenges. Eddie has been working with Sanford for a number of years—you can read about the origins of the project he describes in his article in “Proactive asset management: taking it to the next level in Sanford.”

Eddie is also one of our original advocates for asset management. First as a surveyor and then as GIS professional, he has seen firsthand how outdated systems of collecting, storing, and managing infrastructure data can leave communities struggling to find and understand the information they need to make critical decisions about their assets. Even when the information is available, it often only extends to a five- or ten-year horizon, meaning communities may end up blindsided by expensive repair or replacement needs that are just a little further in the future.

To help communities transition from reactive to proactive asset management, Eddie regularly speaks on asset management and technology topics at conferences and via webinars. (In fact, you can still sign up today for his Click Listen Learn session, “Infusing Technology into Asset Management,” hosted by APWA.)

If you’d like to speak with Eddie or another member of our dedicated Asset Management team, reach out to