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Survey Team Supports Local World Record Attempt

A large paper ball made of corrugated cardboard and recycled office paper sitting on a pallet in a warehouse next to a step ladder

Survey Team Supports Local World Record Attempt

Over the weekend, members of WithersRavenel’s Survey team supported a local world record attempt for the largest paper ball constructed without glue or tape. Rudy VanderVelde, PLS served as the official surveyor of record for the attempt, with assistance from Ryan Johnson. WithersRavenel’s Assistant Director of Land Development, Jason Bertoncino, provided public relations outreach.

InspectionXpert Corporation, a software company in Apex, NC, led the world record attempt. They constructed the paper ball at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, IL, from September 10 to September 15. Due to Hurricane Florence, they were forced to postpone weighing and measuring the ball until September 21.

WithersRavenel used a four-step process to take thorough measurements of the paper ball, which was built on a pallet. First, the team measured from the top of the ball to the ground, then subtracted the height of the pallet to determine ball’s height. Next, they measured the circumference of the ball with a 100-foot-long cloth tape. Ryan Johnson also scanned the paper ball in four places using a P40 terrestrial scanner; this was an extra detail that was not required by Guinness World Records. Finally, the team used a forklift to put the ball on a scale for weighing. WithersRavenel witnessed the weighing and recorded the reading.

InspectionXpert Corporation will submit these measurements to the Guinness Book of World Records for review. They hope that creating the world’s largest paper ball will encourage more people to perform paperless inspections. As another company concerned about how to handle unwanted paper, WithersRavenel is proud to have been part of InspectionXpert Corporation’s world record attempt.