Veterans carry lessons learned in service as WithersRavenel employee-owners – WithersRavenel

Veterans carry lessons learned in service as WithersRavenel employee-owners

Veterans carry lessons learned in service as WithersRavenel employee-owners

“Thank you for your service.” Words of gratitude expressed by citizens to those serving and those who have served. As we observe Veterans Day this year, WithersRavenel joins a grateful nation in celebrating the sacrifices of our service personnel.

Our firm is proud to have many veterans among our more than 375 employee-owners. Among many benefits that we offer, veterans on our team get to enjoy a paid holiday on Veterans Day. To spotlight their contributions, we recently asked them: What do they bring from their military service to the work they now do at WithersRavenel?

Here’s what they had to say:

Kevin Buchanan, Environmental Scientist (Navy) – “For my part, the importance of attention to detail and the need to take initiative where necessary.”

Brad Skerik, Senior Designer (Army-Infantry) – “It is difficult to narrow down to one thing.  There is so much from my service that I felt has made me successful in all that I do. Something that immediately comes to mind would be an ability to work with all different types of people while being able to recognize and maximize their individual strengths and abilities to achieve our goals.”

Shannan Lowe, Staff Professional (Coast Guard) – “The importance of a deadline and constant communication with your team.”

Charles Brown, Business Development Representative (Army) – “May be a little extreme in today’s environment, but we were taught during the Vietnam era that your survival could depend on your teammate standing to your left or right. Today, your success depends on that teammate.”

Ryan Bergeron, Staff Professional (Army) – “A commitment to fulfilling the mission, which translates to bringing our projects successfully across the finish line in the context of WR’s work.”

Ed Gantner, Survey Party Chief (Army) – “Leadership, lead in front by example.”

June Cowles, Senior Planner (Air Force) – “Teamwork.  My job in the Air Force, Crew Chief, working on aircraft, definitely includes teamwork. Maintenance on aircraft is really the heart of the Air Force. As the saying goes, ‘Aircrew without crew chiefs/maintainers are just pedestrians with sunglasses and a cool jacket.’

“Communication.  And Communication (ability to communicate effectively) for any job is also important.”

J.D. Freeman, Business Development Representative (Air Force) – “In life and work – Integrity first.”

Toni Martin, Marketing Manager, Branding and Graphics (Army) – “I never let anyone fail, whether they are on my team, someone I am working with for that day, my family member, etc. I am there to play a part, to help us succeed, whatever it takes.”

Don Ovens, Construction Manager (North Carolina National Guard and Reserves) – “It was coaching, mentoring and being responsible for the needs of my platoon. To be sure they had the tools and means for the task asked of them.”

Patrick Welsh, Environmental Technician (Army) – “One thing I have brought with me from the Army is the ability to remain calm under stressful situations to be able to finish my work or meet a deadline without compromising attention to detail.”

WithersRavenel values the unique experiences that veterans bring. Our firm wants to be the professional home for veterans to further build their post-service career. Learn more about the benefits our military-friendly, employee-owned firm has to offer.