WithersRavenel Withers Ravenel Cary engineers talk to Triangle students

WithersRavenel employees discuss cool pavement with young students

WithersRavenel employees discuss cool pavement with young students

Two WithersRavenel engineers took a short trip from our Cary headquarters to a local school to speak with inquisitive students about cool pavement technology.

WithersRavenel’s Ed Tang and Joe Turner recently visited fifth graders at Triangle Math and Science Academy. The students are researching heat reflectivity, specifically by measuring differences between asphalt pavement and asphalt pavement with a reflective coating applied.

How pavements stay cool

Tang and Turner discussed different types of pavement, varying pavement structures, and maintenance needs.  While North Carolina has not adopted the use of cool pavements, the WR engineers did discuss other pavement alternatives used in the state, such as permeable pavement, which can be considered a type of cool pavement.

“It was awesome speaking to the 5th graders at TMSA, right next to our office,” Tang said. “They were so attentive and asked great questions about pavements as they research and do their project on cool pavement technology.”

The benefits of cool pavements include lower outside temperatures, reducing the need for cooling in homes and buildings. The reflective quality of the pavement can also reduce the need for electric lighting.