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WithersRavenel partners with IDS

WithersRavenel partners with IDS

WithersRavenel and Infrastructure Data Solutions (IDS) have formed a partnership to deliver risk-based, long-term asset management solutions.

WithersRavenel approaches asset management holistically, taking into account the entire life cycle of each asset. Core to this approach is the ability to forecast how assets deteriorate, determine the cost and benefits of preventive and corrective actions that optimize asset service life, and minimize costs and risks. Applying a life cycle management approach to a portfolio consisting of thousands of assets across multiple asset classes, however, is an undertaking that can only be accomplished with advanced technology.

IDS created Asset Optimizer to address the challenges of large portfolios and diverse asset classes. Touted as “the only solution in the market that is guaranteed to generate truly optimal risk-based long-term solutions,” this cloud-based AI-powered enterprise platform manages all infrastructure asset classes, enabling efficient data management, decision analytics, visibility, and transparency across an entire organization.

Through this partnership, WithersRavenel can select and implement the appropriate level of Asset Optimizer for our clients’ needs. It can be applied within the scope of our asset management service offerings or integrated with GIS and CMMS to provide a true enterprise solution.

“Our partnership with IDS expresses our commitment to offer the best asset management solutions on the market that benefit our clients and the communities they serve,” says Rod Lovely, PE, Senior Asset Management Advisor at WithersRavenel.

At WithersRavenel we find the communities we work with benefit most from a whole life cycle approach to asset management. Lifecycle management is about making the right investments at the right time to maintain assets at their target level of service as they pass through their life stages. WithersRavenel and IDS are now better positioned to help clients break the cycle of underfunded infrastructure investments.

Interested in how Asset Optimizer can change the way your organization inventories, tracks, and manages the total asset life cycle? Reach out to Rod Lovely at (828) 232-6113 or rlovely@withersravenel.com for a consultation.