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Bray Park Master Plan

About This Project

The Town of Siler City has many parks, recreational facilities, and natural areas for active and passive recreation that contribute to the City as a desirable place to live. Due to the availability of additional park space, Siler City sought to develop a park master plan for the existing Bray Park.

WithersRavenel began the master plan development process with a park site analysis. This site analysis and site inventory documented the deficiencies and land development hindrances within the park. Based on these findings, our team identified opportunities and constraints around the park’s development.

Our team then conducted public input sessions to understand the community’s needs, desires, and concerns for the park. This feedback was arranged into prioritized list.

Working closely with Town staff, our team took the information from the site analysis and the initial priorities developed by the public input sessions to create a schematic design. This preliminary design shows how to best insert the desired amenities on the property and reflects the probable costs of redevelopment.

WithersRavenel is currently working on the final schematic design, which will delineate where the project can be broken into phases to enable smaller development activities implemented over time as funds become available.

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