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Morrisville Town Center Core SCM

About This Project

In 2016, the Town of Morrisville contracted with WithersRavenel for stormwater engineering design and stormwater modeling for the expansion of an existing stormwater control measure (SCM). The existing SCM is a constructed stormwater wetland. It is being retrofitted/expanded in order to treat the stormwater runoff from an existing townhome subdivision and the first phase of construction within the Town Center Core development. The first phase of construction includes expansion of Town roads, new building(s), and new parking areas.

The project includes multidisciplinary tasks such as jurisdictional delineation/determination, topographic survey, general civil engineering design, preparation of construction drawings, environmental permitting, construction bid documents, and construction administration. It also requires coordination with other agencies, partners, and consultants working on other parts of this phase of development.

The first task of the project was a conceptual design, which provided preliminary siting and sizing for expanding the existing wetland to treat the runoff from the proposed development. Under this task, a topographic and boundary survey and wetland determination were also completed. A conceptual design that met the Town of Morrisville’s ordinances was presented to the Town in a preliminary stormwater management memorandum. An analysis of the existing capacity of the SCM as well as the allowable increase in impervious based on the proposed expansion was also presented. Upon completion of this task, it was determined expanding the wetland was feasible.

WithersRavenel prepared preliminary construction drawings, final design documents, and a construction bid package. The firm also assisted with permitting and bidding services. Construction is completed and the Indian Creek Trailhead parking lot and greenway are now open.