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Nags Head Stormwater Master Plan

About This Project

In 2017, the Town of Nags Head desired an update to their 2006 Stormwater Master Plan and reevaluation of that plan’s recommended stormwater capital improvement projects. Through our collaboration with the Town, we hope to form a clear picture of their existing stormwater infrastructure and empower them to navigate toward readiness and resiliency.

In the first phase, WithersRavenel provided field data collection and inventory mapping for a portion of the Town’s existing stormwater infrastructure, including database review, field data acquisition, office connectivity and quality control, and data delivery and training.

The next phase consisted of preliminary work, including a review of the Town’s previous master plan, area research, and site visits to observe drainage conditions.

The next phase, completed in 2018, covered preliminary design development for five prioritized drainage projects identified during the first phase. Work included preliminary assessment, conceptual design, a report summarizing proposed solutions/recommendations, and site visits.

The most recent phase of work began in August 2018 and advances three of the five project areas from preliminary assessments to final design and construction drawings: Gallery Row Outfall (Project Area #1), Nags Head Acres/Vista Colony (Project Area #2), and The Village at Nags Head (Project Area #3).

This agreement includes final design for the three drainage projects, including survey, design, construction documents, and bid assistance. A bid alternate is included for Project Area #2.