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Empowering communities to achieve their vision through effective asset management

Case Study

  • Client
    Town of Ayer, MA
  • Project Location
    Ayer, MA

The Town of Ayer, Massachusetts, recently increased their pavement management budget to cover the cost of additional roadway treatments. Following budget approval, the Town reached out to WithersRavenel to verify their current pavement management...

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Specialized Asset Management Services

  • LiftCommand

    Designed specifically for sewer system managers and utilities directors, LiftCommand is a web-based tool to track your sanitary sewer system, verify permit compliance, and plan for sustainable growth.

    Visit the LiftCommand Website

  • Pavement Authority

    Managing your infrastructure, especially your roads, depends on knowing what you have and what you need. From roadway assessments to predictive modeling, Pavement Authority is your partner for all things pavement.

    Visit the Pavement Authority Website