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Floodplain Management

Proper floodplain management plays a key role in safeguarding communities and infrastructure in riverine and coastal areas. WithersRavenel specializes in comprehensive flood studies that use detailed hydrology and hydraulic modeling to identify flood hazard areas for both existing communities and proposed developments.

With the critical floodplain information these studies provide, we can design new or upgraded stream crossings for vehicles, pedestrians, and utilities in areas with a history of flooding or in preparation for future upstream development. We also work closely with clients, local communities, and FEMA to modify Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) to accurately represent existing conditions or new developments. Our services aid clients in creating and maintaining safe communities while reducing environmental impacts.

Our Services

  • Stream Crossing Design & Modeling
  • Bridge Modeling
  • Culvert Design & Modeling
  • Local Flood Studies
  • FEMA Flood Studies
  • No-Fee LOMA
  • No Impact Certification
  • Downstream Impact Assessment
  • Watershed Analysis
  • CLOMR/LOMR Permitting
  • Backwater Analysis
  • Stormwater Conveyance Design

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