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2020 Gratitude Campaign: Pass It On

2020 Gratitude Campaign: Pass It On

On Monday our employee-owners shared one thing they’re grateful for this holiday, and yesterday they described how they cultivate or maintain a sense of gratitude. Today, on the final day of our gratitude campaign, our employee-owners talk about how they show their appreciation for coworkers, friends, and loved ones. Let’s dive in!

Say Thank You

“Find the opportunity and take the time to say, “thank you,” and do so because you mean it.” – Loftee Smith, Land Development Senior Technical Consultant

“By saying THANKS for a specific act that was uplifting and made a positive difference.” – Jim Canfield, President & CEO

“I make it a point to thank my co-workers for their help, a job well done or giving the extra effort.” – Troy Beasley, Director of Natural Resources

“I say thank you and tell them I appreciate them for who they are and what they do.” – Thad Ellington, Land Development Designer

“I try to use words as often as I can, and say “Thank you.” In the current state of things words mean so much to me.” – Lisa Jamison, Land Development Designer

“Always say thank you.” – Melissa Cardinali, Funding & Asset Management Senior Project Manager

Give a Compliment

“Compliment them and motivate them for the work they do every day.” – Ricardo Cocconcelli, Land Development Project Engineer

“Encouragement and positive feedback regularly.” – Jim Clark, Land Development Project Manager

“Tell them they did a good job.” – Leonard McBryde, Utilities Senior Project Manager

“Many compliments for a job well done.” – Steve Lander, Director of Pavement Management

“Public accolades and unsuspected gifts of appreciation.” – Keith Pugh, Client Success Manager

Act Out Kindness

“Doing something nice for them unexpectedly as a surprise!” – Wade Pudwill, Land Development Project Manager

“Doing whatever I can for them. Skills should be shared or they are wasted.” – Chuck Boecker, Director of Land Development – Greensboro

“I take something off of their to-do list.” – Meredith Gruber, Director of Planning – Public

“Other than verbally thanking them, by trying to find some small gesture that I can do for them, or a treat I can bring them, without asking.”

“Provide a meal made with love.” – J.D. Freeman, Utilities Senior Project Manager

“Buy them lunch!” – Travis Howell, Remote Sensing Project Manager

Reach Out

“A simple text, email or call asking ‘how are you?’ “ – Chris Jardine, Accounting Manager

“A friend and I have started writing snail mail letters to each other for a more fun way to keep in touch.” – Casey Dolan, Utilities Staff Professional

“I reach out often to let them know I’m thinking of them.” – Frances Gallagher, Client Success Manager

“Reaching out with a hello and thank you throughout the day and letting them know they are in my thoughts.” – Ted Kallam, Director of Transportation

“Staying positive, text, email, and zoom, share more humor, encouragement, and hope than ‘just news’.” – Thomas Poe, Utilities Senior Technical Consultant

“Let others know what they mean to you.” – Devin Owen, Utilities Staff Professional

Be There

“Always be there when someone needs you personally or professionally.” – Doug Petry, Transportation Designer

“Being willing to be there for them whenever they are in need.” – Mohsin Syed, Marketing Associate

“Having their back.” – Brock Storrusten, Chief Growth Officer – Private

“Showing up for them emotionally. While we can’t always be there physically right now—just being fully there for them is a true gift.” – Tesla Hausman, GIS Technician

We’re grateful to be surrounded by colleagues who aren’t afraid to show their appreciation for meaningful work, loving relationships, and the opportunity to pursue their passions. We hope your holiday season is filled to the brim with joy and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!