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Augmented Reality for Public Infrastructure Projects with Daryl Riggins and Yates Austin

Augmented Reality for Public Infrastructure Projects with Daryl Riggins and Yates Austin

Daryl Riggins and Yates Austin will be presenting “Augmented Reality for Public Infrastructure Projects” at the NC One Water Annual Conference in Charlotte, NC, on Monday, December 5, at 4:30 PM. This presentation will help attendees explain augmented reality technology and how it differs from three-dimensional modeling, identify the range of potential applications of augmented reality, and evaluate the potential for application of augmented reality to current and future design projects.

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry has long used modeling as a way to communicate design intent. Condensing complicated ideas into accessible visualizations makes the design information approachable and understandable for all stakeholders. Modeling has progressed from scaled physical structures to 3D computer-generated visualizations, and it is now beginning to take its next step with the application of augmented reality (AR).

While visualization allows you to see a project at it’s completion on a computer screen before construction has begun, Augmented Reality can be used throughout the lifecycle of a project from tabletop digital models to field-led immersive walkthroughs.

WithersRavenel is pushing the boundaries of the current state of the art of design by exploring the use of AR in our projects. In this session, we will explore example projects where AR is being applied. We will demonstrate how experiencing these design projects in AR provides unprecedented access to and understanding of the design.

Daryl Riggins is Director of Facilities for WithersRavenel. With more than a decade of civil engineering consulting experience and a passion for collaboration, he brings deep experiences in design, project management, and relationship building. Additionally, he has been a leader on many types of successful projects, including industrial development, health care, commercial, utilities, higher education, and university athletics. He is passionate about modeling and applying emerging technologies to add value to his client’s projects.

Yates Austin serves as a Senior Utilities Designer for WithersRavenel. With 20 years of design and technical experience in the AEC industry, Yates has a passion for advanced visualization, parametric modeling, and sustainable design practices. His project experience spans from residential and commercial developments to large infrastructure projects including dams and levees, tunnels, landfills, coal ash remediation, and utility design and remediation.

This preview is part of our AWWA Speaker Preview series, which highlights the WithersRavenel staff invited to speak at the 2022 NC One Water Annual Conference.