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How Utilities Affect Your Growing Community with Ken Orie and Robbie Bald

How Utilities Affect Your Growing Community with Ken Orie and Robbie Bald

Ken Orie and Robbie Bald will be presenting “Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems and How it Affects Your Growing Community” at APWA PWX in Charlotte, NC, on Wednesday, August 31 at 9:30 AM ET. This 75-minute presentation will help attendees understand 3 major concepts: the background on the total asset cost and life cycle cost, the difference between trenchless or near-trenchless technologies, and the the current technologies available.

Across the country, water distribution and wastewater collection systems are reaching the end of their asset life, and creative solutions are needed to restore capacities and rehabilitate the structures cost effectively and efficiently. Several rehabilitation tools are available such as pipe bursting, spray-on liners, and liner inserts that can be utilized for system rehabilitation.

As many of these existing utilities are in areas that have developed greatly since their original installation, the selection of rehabilitation techniques must consider factors such as access, traffic volumes, potential service disruptions to customers, impacts on the community, and cost/benefit considerations. In many instances, the familiar dig-and-replace method is no longer a viable option, leaving trenchless and near-trenchless methods as the remaining viable options.

One of the challenges in water and sewer rehabilitation is gaining acceptance from the public and elected officials in regards to their willingness to accept new methods and technologies in their system.

Ken Orie, PE is the Director of Engineering for the Utilities team. He has extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment and conveyance, wet weather planning, SCADA system design and implementation, rehabilitation, hydrology, hydraulic modeling, regulations and all aspects of water resource engineering. He is nationally known for his experience in flow metering (open channel and closed conduit), hydraulic modeling development and analysis, and CSO/SSO compliance. He is passionate about helping municipalities evaluate the most cost-effective means to comply with regulations.

Robbie Bald, PE is a Senior Technical Consultant for the Utilities team. Prior to joining WithersRavenel, he was a City Engineer for the City of Greensboro, NC. While there, he developed and administered the City of Greensboro Water Resources Department’s annual $8 million water and sewer rehabilitation program. Recognized nationally and internationally for using leading-edge technology, the program requires extensive field involvement with the contractor as well as frequent direct interaction with citizens, various City departments, and elected officials. Greensboro’s costs are well below the national average due to these efforts.

This preview is part of our APWA PWX Speaker Preview series, which highlights the WithersRavenel staff invited to speak at the 2022 American Public Works Association Public Works Expo.