Jed Byrne joins TCC Board of Directors – WithersRavenel

Jed Byrne joins Triangle Community Coalition Board of Directors

Jed Byrne joins Triangle Community Coalition Board of Directors

The Triangle Community Coalition (TCC) Board of Directors voted for WithersRavenel Business Development Representative Jed Byrne to serve a three-year term starting January 1, 2022.

The TCC is a 501(c) 4 non-profit, non-partisan organization. Its members are committed to “bringing balanced solutions to growth issues in all our communities.” They influence land use policy by advocating for zoning reforms that allow housing affordability and housing choices and for improving the development services process. They also work to educate elected officials, municipal staff, and political candidates about private property issues, as well as offer input on legislative agendas.

Jed has been involved formally with the TCC since he joined WithersRavenel earlier this year. In his new role on the board, he said he hopes to “continue engaging with community leaders to advance proven and innovative actions that will positively impact our communities housing attainability and affordability challenges.”

Please join us in congratulating Jed on his appointment. For information about joining the TCC or attending one of their events, contact Jed Byrne at (919) 238-0450 or