Memorable night for WR volunteers at Miracle League – WithersRavenel

Memorable night for WR volunteers at Miracle League

Memorable night for WR volunteers at Miracle League

The cheers were loud and the players were excited as Miracle League baseball livened up the night at Andy’s Foundation Field in Cary.

WithersRavenel employees volunteered May 14 at the Miracle League of the Triangle’s Cary field as several teams played the final game of their spring season. The League serves special needs children and adults from across the region.

Stephen York, a WithersRavenel CAD Technician, reflected on the memorable night.

“The cheering simply never stopped,” he said. “It didn’t matter if someone hit it over the fence or if it was a slow roller.”

York and fellow WR employee Austin Hamilton especially recalled the second game when they were partnered with the Pirates and became “buddies” with some of the players.

“One of the players told Austin and I that he had an awesome time with us and he had one last request,” York said. “He made Austin and I pinkie swear that we would both return next year. Man, that moment honestly made my heart drop.”

York and Hamilton, a WR Staff Professional and returning volunteer, both pledged to be back.

“There is no better feeling than seeing the pure joy on the players’ faces as they cross home plate,” Hamilton said.

Sandy Miller, an Environmental Scientist at WithersRavenel, said it was a privilege to spend an evening with the Miracle League players.

“The kids were so excited to have these games and to be supported by so many enthusiastic fans,” she said. “The joy at being able to participate in the game, run the bases, and score a home run was written on their faces.”

Stormwater Staff Professional Katherine Knight echoed those sentiments.

“It was great to celebrate with them,” she said. “Miracle League is an amazing organization to provide these opportunities.”

The Miracle League of the Triangle was launched by WithersRavenel co-founder Tony Withers. The program provides a safe place for individuals with special needs to play a team sport, many for the first time in their lives.

Are you interested in volunteering with the Miracle League? Or making a donation? Click here for more information.