WithersRavenel proud to celebrate Public Works Week – WithersRavenel

WithersRavenel proud to celebrate Public Works Week

WithersRavenel proud to celebrate Public Works Week

Clean water. Safe streets and highways. Parks and recreation. Wastewater transmission. Solid waste disposal.

The efforts of public works professionals are visible in our everyday lives, but sometimes taken for granted. This week, the American Public Works Association is spearheading its annual effort to recognize these valuable workers.

“It Starts Here” is the theme for the 2019 National Public Works Week, running May 20-25. The theme signifies the many vital parts of our daily life that would not be possible without the contributions of public works professionals.

Throughout the week, WithersRavenel will be spotlighting projects that illustrate our commitment to public works. Our more than 240 employee-owners are proud of our public works initiatives in North Carolina communities.

We also have several employees who are active in leadership positions in our North Carolina APWA chapter:

  • Eddie Staley, PLS, GISP, President
  • Kelly Sanderson, Secretary
  • Hunter Freeman, PE, LEED AP, Stormwater Management Division President
  • Lindsay Thomas, GISP, Technology Division President-Elect
  • Jorge Padron, NC One Call and Diversity Committee Co-Chair
  • Cameron Patterson, Partners & Sponsors Committee Co-Chair
  • Caitlyn Myers, Basecamp Committee Chair

We couldn’t be prouder to join APWA in the celebration of National Public Works Week. It truly all starts here!