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Monica Chevalier joins WithersRavenel’s Funding and Asset Management team

Monica Chevalier joins WithersRavenel’s Funding and Asset Management team

As a grant writer and administrator for more than 12 years, Monica Chevalier has helped municipalities navigate federal and state funding applications and compliance.

Now, as a WithersRavenel Funding and Asset Management Project Manager, she brings that experience in identifying, pursuing, and facilitating multimillion-dollar development funding to help our clients fulfill their infrastructure and community development goals.

Monica has a Bachelor of Arts, Life Sciences and Environmental Studies from Guilford College, and a Master of Natural Resources, Policy and Administration from North Carolina State University.

Work with NC Department of Commerce

She got her start in the funding arena with the N.C. Department of Commerce’s Rural Economic Development Division, where she worked as a CDBG Compliance Specialist. During her time with the department, she provided technical assistance and training to about 400 CDBG, NSP, and CDBG-R grantees to ensure compliance.

“The Community Development Block Grant Program comes with a lot of stringent requirements. My duties at Commerce involved reviewing much of the upfront funding conditions, including environmental review, as well as reporting pieces throughout the life of the grant,” according to Monica. “My aim was always to communicate the most updated regulatory guidance to grantees and their consultants, and provide them the tools they needed to move their project forward and document compliance.”

Recent Experience

Her most recent experience has been with a private consulting firm, where as Community Development Coordinator she worked on grant/loan administration for more than 20 community development projects and compiled/conducted more than 60 NEPA environmental reviews for federal and state funded projects.

“The private sector of the funding world is the opposite side of the coin from the public sector. Reviewing documentation is completely different from creating documentation, especially as the funding landscape evolves,” Monica said.

“As consultants, we strive to make the funding process as painless as possible for our clients so that they do not get overwhelmed during project implementation, or discouraged from seeking funds in the first place,” she said.

“Helping people that need it the most has always been one of my core values, whether that be assisting a small community on a project, or a collaborating with colleagues on a deliverable. I’m thrilled to be a part of a fantastic team of folks from different professional backgrounds, and look forward to continue providing quality client care.”

Please join us in welcoming Monica to the WithersRavenel team! You can reach out to Monica at (919) 238-0344 or