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Seth Robertson on the Operate Intelligently Podcast

A banner for the Operate Intelligently Podcast Episode 122 featuring Seth Robertson

Seth Robertson on the Operate Intelligently Podcast

Seth Robertson is the featured guest on Episode 122 of the Operate Intelligently Podcast. In this episode, titled “Asset Management Advice for Local Government,” Seth talks about improving infrastructure in our cities and best practices for asset management.


As WithersRavenel’s Head of Asset Management & Funding and a former North Carolina funding program manager, Seth Robertson has experience with funding programs from both sides of the table. He is also a certified Asset Manager and Professional Engineer, allowing him to understand and address challenges related to process design, project and program management, environmental permitting, and remediation design.

Operate Intelligently is a podcast about all things operations, hosted by Josh Peach of Dude Solutions. Each week, they bring on guests to help listeners get educated and inspired about the daily work of being an operations leader.

In addition to this podcast, Seth Robertson recently shared his asset management expertise during a stimulus funding panel discussion, also hosted by Dude Solutions. For more details and to download the webinar, go here.