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Supporting economic development through funding expertise

Supporting economic development through funding expertise

Is a lack of funding stalling your project?

Identifying opportunities to fund infrastructure and other needs can make or break a project. With so many forms, fine print, and rules and regulations, local governments can get bogged down in a web of time-consuming paperwork—and that’s just to be considered for funding.

WithersRavenel can help you understand the funding process

Our team of dedicated funding consultants can assist organizations in navigating the often intricate details involved in applying for, securing, and administering grants and other types of funding for essential infrastructure projects. We have the ability to identify funding sources and determine the sources that are most appropriate for each project, prepare the funding application, and then see that every detail is handled appropriately through our comprehensive funding administration services.

We have a record of success

Our team has secured more than $554 million in funding for clients across the Southeast. Our areas of specialization include the following:

  • Source Identification
  • Grant Loan Application Writing
  • Community Engagement Public Outreach
  • Grant Loan Administration
  • Local Government Commission Applications
  • Conventional Financing Solicitations
  • Needs Surveys

Download a one-page summary of our funding capabilities here

Our work supports economic development initiatives

Our funding successes in the economic development arena include the following:

Case Study #1: Goldsboro Business Campus

WithersRavenel prepared an Industrial Development Fund grant application and master plan for a 118-acre site in Wayne County, North Carolina, including due diligence, planning and land design, stormwater, preliminary engineering, Certified Site program management, and community engagement.

For more details on how our economic development team acquired the funding and how the money is being used to create opportunities in Wayne County, see our in-depth article here.

Case Study #2: Morinaga Americas Facility

Founded in 1899 in Tokyo, Japan, Morinaga & Company is a major international confectionery and candy maker. With more than 40 different product lines and $1.75 billion in global sales revenue, Morinaga & Company is Asia’s equivalent to a Hershey’s, Mars, or Nestle.

In order to expand the brand’s reach, Morinaga began aggressively marketing its well-known product Hi-Chew across the United States, with store displays in Target, COSTCO, 7 Eleven, Kroger, and World Market. In early 2012, they commenced an exhaustive search for the best site for a U.S. facility.

North Carolina figured prominently in the search, with 18 total sites identified in 12 counties. Morinaga made the decision to locate a manufacturing plant in Mebane in Orange County in September 2012.

Because the project is a significant boon for economic development, contributing to job creation and an increased tax base, Orange County committed to providing critical infrastructure improvements that would allow Morinaga America Foods, Inc. to build and staff a U.S. production facility in the Wilson Road Industrial Park.

Our funding team (as Martin-McGill, prior to becoming WithersRavenel) completed a successful funding application for $750,000 of the critical site improvements to be covered under the Community Development Block Grant–Economic Development program. Orange County contributed $250,000 in matching funds, bringing the total project funding to $1,000,000. Our funding team remained engaged to do the grant administration for this project, as well as continuing to manage all grant-related activities for Orange County.

Morinaga committed to creating 90 jobs during the first three years of operation. The 21-acre site is large enough to accommodate expansions that will add even more positions to the workforce in the future.

Are you ready to find funding for your next big project?

We can help! You can contact us at or (919) 469-3340 to talk to us about how to get started on the path toward bringing your project to life and making it a success.