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Using Technology to Enhance Levels of Service with Brandon Inscore

Using Technology to Enhance Levels of Service with Brandon Inscore

Brandon Inscore will be presenting “Using Technology to Enhance Levels of Service for Critical Infrastructure” at the APWA Stormwater Management Division Conference in Winston-Salem, NC, on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at 9 AM. This 30-minute presentation will help attendees enhance their asset management program through the continuous review and improvement of established levels of service.

Defining and measuring levels of service is an essential part of any asset management program. Asset managers should seek ways to continuously review, improve, and enhance levels of service. This includes using technology to enhance the way that levels of service are measured and incorporated into the asset management planning process.

As part of Greensboro’s Asset Management Program, the City has an established level of service for the inspection of critical stormwater culverts. The culvert inspection program includes a field condition assessment of more than 1,000 critical culverts across the City every five years. This case study shows how organizational leaders leveraged technology to enhance the field data collection process and integrate the data into the City’s Asset Management Program. The enhancements allow information to be actively used to mitigate risk by rapidly addressing emergency issues, creating preventative maintenance strategies, and informing the planning process for those engaged long-range capital investment planning.

Brandon Inscore, GISP, is the Funding and Asset Management Practice Area Lead for WithersRavenel. He is responsible for overseeing the areas of Financial Services, Funding, GIS, and Asset Management. He has a background in GIS, has an MBA, and is a IAM Certified Asset Manager. In addition to providing consultation for local government clients across North Carolina and beyond, Brandon’s experience includes 15 years of public sector experience working for the City of Greensboro before coming to WithersRavenel.

This preview is part of our APWA Speaker Preview series, which highlights the WithersRavenel staff invited to speak at the 2022 APWA Stormwater Management Division Conference.