Why you need to rethink municipal planning: webinar – WithersRavenel

Why you need to rethink municipal planning: a joint webinar by WithersRavenel and Brightly

Why you need to rethink municipal planning: a joint webinar by WithersRavenel and Brightly

Would it be possible to transform a planning timeline from a few years to several decades? Yes, say our experts at this webinar that factors in the unprecedented federal funding available through the Infrastructure and Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). State and local governments need to take advantage of this generational opportunity to address longstanding infrastructure deficits.

WithersRavenel Chief Experience and Innovation Officer Eddie Staley, PLS, GISP, and Sam Chapin, Brightly’s Government Solutions Consultant Team Leader, hosted an interactive session on “Rethinking Municipal Planning: Redefining Long-Range Planning from Years to Decades.”
The duo shed light on strategies for planning with a longer-range view, while discussing new laws and policies that will require rethinking the planning process, and how powerful models can help you leverage existing data.

Sam Chapin has been working in the SaaS software industry for almost 10 years. Recently, she has focused on helping government entities improve operations by providing data and insight to better plan for future needs. Her consultative solutions help clients manage day-to-day processes, assets, and resources, ultimately aiding in short- and long-term decision-making.

Eddie Staley has conducted hundreds of asset inventory and condition assessments for public infrastructure, established a prioritization approach for infrastructure maintenance, and provided a foundation for master planning and capital improvement planning. He has worked with numerous cities across the U.S. to develop funding mechanisms and strategies as part of their infrastructure management programs. He and his team help clients define and develop strategic goals and tactical approaches for managing their infrastructure.

This free webinar was held on June 15, 2022.