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WithersRavenel Celebrates 35 Years in Business!

A logo recognizing WithersRavenel's 35 years in business

WithersRavenel Celebrates 35 Years in Business!

Can you believe that WithersRavenel has been in business for 35 years? A lot has changed in three and a half decades. Trends have come and gone. Iconic brands have launched and shuttered. Technology has taken off in ways that few could have predicted. Through it all, WithersRavenel has concentrated on delivering engineering, environmental, planning, and surveying services to our clients in a way that upholds our five core values: quality, integrity, respect, community, and sustainability.

Since our founding by Tony Withers and Sam Ravenel on October 6, 1983, we have seen our company grow from a few diligent engineers burning the midnight oil to a family of passionate employee-owners spanning North Carolina from the mountains to the sea. We provide more services to more clients in more places than ever before. We work to transform concepts to concrete and create places that enhance people’s health, happiness, and well-being.

On our 35th anniversary, we are proud to look back on everything we have accomplished with and for our clients and our communities. We also promise that our commitment today remains the same, no matter how things change. It’s simple: Our People. Your Success.

A timeline showing WithersRavenel's key achievements over the last 35 years