WithersRavenel lunch and learn series discusses ADA compliance and transition plan – WithersRavenel

WithersRavenel lunch and learn series discusses ADA compliance and transition plan

WithersRavenel lunch and learn series discusses ADA compliance and transition plan

As public agencies face legal challenges from advocacy groups over compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Department of Justice is pushing state Departments of Transportation (DOT) to ensure local governments’ compliance with ADA guidelines.

To help municipalities better understand this requirement, perform a self-evaluation, and create an ADA Transition Plan, WithersRavenel’s monthly Pavement Management Lunch and Learn series is discussing this important topic. Hosted by our Director of Pavement Management Steve Lander, PE, the one-hour event will include our in-house experts Ted Kallam, PE, CPM, Director of Transportation, and Client Success Manager Keith Pugh, PE.

This presentation, which offers a free PDH, will provide guidance and information for successfully completing the ADA Plan in accordance with the Public Right of Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) and ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), and as stipulated by the Department of Justice.

Included in the discussion are the six plan elements that take a municipality from public input to plan adoption. During these monthly lunch-and-learn sessions, our presenters answer questions from the attendees after the presentation.

Both Pugh and Kallam have robust experience in transportation and public works.

Pugh has 31 years of service in municipal public utilities, transportation, and public works (sidewalks, pavement widening, and facilities). For 15 years he was the Engineering Services Department Director for the City of High Point. In this capacity, Keith was responsible for the survey, design, construction, and inspection of City infrastructure projects, which included the city’s ADA transition plan. He is the President Elect for APWA National and will accept the role of President at the 2022 PWX Public Works Expo in Charlotte.

Kallam has 32 years of service in public works, which includes 17 years at the state level (NCDOT) and 15 years at the municipal level (City of Greensboro) with a focus on roadway design (sidewalks, pavement widening, greenways, and corresponding water, sewer, and other utility impacts). While at the City, he served as a Contract Administration and Design Review Supervisor responsible for oversight and supervision of the City’s engineering plan review process, infrastructure construction, professional services contract preparation, bidding, award, and payment process. During this time, he was involved with many sidewalk projects included in the Greensboro’s ADA transition plan.

Register here for the hourlong lunch and learn, which is at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 29.