WithersRavenel, Morrisville win APWA-NC Stormwater Award for Town Center Core Wetland project – WithersRavenel

WithersRavenel, Morrisville win APWA-NC Stormwater Award for Town Center Core Wetland project

WithersRavenel, Morrisville win APWA-NC Stormwater Award for Town Center Core Wetland project

A unique stormwater project which bolstered development in Morrisville while also nurturing the environment has been honored with a statewide award.

The Town Center Core Wetland project received a North Carolina Stormwater Project of the Year Award on Sept. 20 at the annual American Public Works Association of North Carolina (APWA-NC) Conference. Accepting the award were WithersRavenel Assistant Project Manager Brandon Miller, PE, and Morrisville Stormwater Engineering Manager Ben Mills, PE, CFM.

Morrisville contracted with WithersRavenel with a vision of expanding an existing stormwater control measure (SCM) to treat the stormwater runoff from an existing townhome subdivision and the first phase of construction within the Town Center Core development. The expanded SCM added 5-6 acres of usable community space in an area adjacent to existing park land, and also created more than 1,000 feet of new greenway. Additionally, the unique shape of the TCC Wetland allows residents close-up views of plants and wildlife.

WithersRavenel’s stormwater engineers worked with the firm’s landscape architects, encouraging them to use a planting plan with the goal being for something to be blooming virtually year-round, whether it is grasses, trees, or flowers. Planted trees also serve as a buffer between the TCC Wetland and the nearby road. The design of the TCC Wetland also includes a large ‘M’ shape for Morrisville. This creative addition by WithersRavenel’s stormwater engineers and landscape architects serves as a unique logo, an identifier and marketing tool for the Town.

The TCC Wetland will also provide an extra measure of protection during extreme storm events. The expanded SCM can store stormwater in a safe greenspace. Even though it is an engineered wetland, the SCM stands as a native solution to flood control for the Town. An added benefit is educational signage and a wetland overlook on the site. The information educates visitors about the stormwater benefits on site while also providing more details about the TCC Wetland.

From a development perspective, the TCC Wetland makes development in the immediate area more attractive to potential investors. Additional stormwater measures will not be needed, as the SCM design is based on full build-out of the 20-acre area inclusive of the TCC Wetland property.

WithersRavenel is proud to have worked with the Town of Morrisville on this successful project focused on sustainability and smart development. If you would like to put WithersRavenel’s stormwater team to work for you, contact Director of Stormwater Steve Marks at (919) 238-0481 or smarks@withersravenel.com.