Carolina Springs – WithersRavenel

Carolina Springs

About This Project

Carolina Springs aspires to be a community that both embraces and engages nature, consisting of a network of trails and parks that encourages social and physical activity. Along with a mix of uses, a variety of housing types, and diverse and abundant public spaces, WithersRavenel will help foster a sense of community that empowers residents to discover nature, the arts, health and wellness, and community.

WithersRavenel incorporated the following elements into the overall design of the area plan:

Discover… Nature

  • Introduce natural features into the built environment to provide opportunities for residents to engage and interact with nature.
  • Encourage tree preservation and natural resource protection.
  • Encourage nature-themed art pieces to be incorporated.
  • Incorporate environmental informational nodes (i.e. interpretive signage) into trails and natural spaces.

Discover… The Arts

  • Designate public spaces for the display of permanent or revolving public art.
  • Encourage creativity in building design to allow buildings to reflect art in their design.
  • Encourage the programming of public spaces to accommodate events focused on arts and education.
  • Encourage interactive public art through playground elements and site furnishings.

Discover… Health and Wellness

  • Create a pedestrian-oriented community with sidewalks, trails, and parks that encourages walking, biking, and running.
  • Provide spaces for a wide range of recreational and social activities for all ages.
  • Maintain natural areas for public access and enjoyment.
  • Provide public social spaces such as courtyards, plazas, sidewalk cafes, and parks.

Discover… Community

  • Encourage creation of a wide range of education, arts, entertainment, and recreational programs that engage residents of all ages.
  • Provide public spaces such as courtyards, plazas, and parks within walking distance of residences that can be programmed to encourage social activity.
  • Use consistent landscaping and hardscape themes throughout the community.
  • Provide a Town of Holly Springs entry feature (near NC-540) and Carolina Springs entrance features at entry points into the community to establish a sense of community identity and arrival.

Land & Site Development