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Greensboro Downtown Greenway

About This Project

As the third most populous city in North Carolina, Greensboro is constantly seeking ways to attract new business and appeal to cosmopolitan residents and visitors. One such effort is the Downtown Greenway, a proposed four-mile-long loop of multi-use greenways circling the core of the city and connecting it to university campuses, parks, and other trails. As a collaborative effort of the City of Greensboro and Action Greensboro (a locally funded non-profit), this urban loop around the center city of downtown Greensboro will enhance the urban landscape with a green space that will promote fitness, community, and well-being for both residents and visitors in an aesthetically pleasing environment. With its emphasis on public art, the Greenway will tell stories and engage users of the trail in a unique and authentic way.

Capitalizing on the concept to provide “enhanced landscaping” between the greenway and existing roadways, WithersRavenel successfully promoted integrating the City’s sustainability efforts into the design by adding a stormwater quality component to the greenway corridor. The end result was an award winning design recognized by the American Council of Engineering Consultants with a 2014 Engineering Excellence Award. Together, the City of Greensboro and WithersRavenel have developed North Carolina’s first intensive urban green street installation.

Economic Development, Stormwater, Transportation