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Higgins Greenway Phase III

About This Project

Meandering through the lightly wooded area between Southwest Maynard Road and Union Street, Higgins Greenway connects several of Cary’s older neighborhoods to the natural environment around a tributary of Swift Creek. The Town had previously repaved the trail, constructed several new bridges, and planted more than 8,000 plants to encourage revegetation. The Town is now seeking to extend the trail by an additional mile to the north and east to link the greenway to parts of downtown Cary, which are undergoing their own redevelopment.

WithersRavenel is providing surveying, easement mapping, utility coordination, design, cost estimating, and public engagement services to extend the trail through the Russell Hills neighborhood to connect with Kildaire Farm Road.

Because the new trail segment will pass through historic Hillcrest Cemetery, the team is exploring opportunities to incorporate architectural features or public art in an effort to tell the stories of the area and detail historic significance of the cemetery and the region.

WithersRavenel is coordinating with the Town’s Historical Preservation Committee to verify that no planned elements will prevent the cemetery from being considered for landmark status.

WithersRavenel is also supporting the Town by assisting with public information sessions, including providing graphics and staffing at meetings, to build support around this connectivity project.

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