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NC State Ports Authority

  • Port of Wilmington

About This Project

Historically, the North Carolina State Ports Authority has maintained all Port information either in a CAD program or as paper maps and documents, making it difficult to track or synthesize certain kinds of information. Under four on-call contracts, WithersRavenel has led a multi-year, multi-phase project to develop an enterprise GIS system.

During Phase 1, WithersRavenel scanned all record drawings into digital images and converted all CAD data into an ESRI geodatabase. WithersRavenel also used survey-grade GPS to locate all utilities (water, sewer, drainage, electricity, natural gas, and fiber optic cable), obtain accurate horizontal and vertical locations of each, and capture attributes and photos in GIS. In addition, WithersRavenel oversaw a subcontractor for aerial photography to augment the available port records.

Additional phases of the project have included providing a secure internal web mapping application and further integrating the GIS database into other port departments such as property management and environmental services. WithersRavenel is also providing full and ongoing GIS support and staff training continue to increase abilities and efficiencies in the GIS program at the Port.

Environmental, GIS