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Park West Village

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About This Project

Conveniently located just 15 minutes southeast of Research Triangle Park, the Town of Morrisville is cultivating a reputation as an up-and-coming area ideal for young professionals. To meet—and further encourage—this growing demand, CASTO Southeast Realty Services envisioned Park West Village, a 100-acre mixed-use development featuring more than 600,000 SF of retail space, 43,000 SF of office space, multiple dining establishments, a 14-screen movie theater, and luxury apartments over boutique shops. WithersRavenel provided surveying, land planning, civil engineering, stormwater management design, and landscape architecture for the community, including all surveying and design for a 4,000 linear foot off-site sanitary sewer extension to serve the western phases of the project.

A sense of community was a key driver behind the design. CASTO sought to create opportunities for residents to come together for regular and special events, just as they would in a close-knit suburban neighborhood. WithersRavenel helped them to achieve this goal by providing designs for enhanced pedestrian walkways and open space gathering areas that can be used for community events during the summer and winter holidays.

As a companion project, WithersRavenel provided surveying and design for the four-acre Earth Fare site adjacent to Park West Village.

Land & Site Development