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Sampson County GIS Strategic Plan

  • A fire hydrant in front of a water tower in Sampson County, North Carolina

About This Project

Sampson County uses GIS to store data related to property boundaries, census tracts, public works infrastructure, zoning, floodplains, and government districts, including school, fire, parks and recreation, and voting. They also share that data via a ConnectGIS-enabled Web site. WithersRavenel prepared a GIS Strategic Plan to efficiently and effectively make use of the organization’s investment in GIS technology and improve customer service.

Because WithersRavenel has worked with Sampson County since 2010, including implementing many of the GIS solutions mentioned above, it was easy for our Asset Management team to review the County’s history with GIS.

We supplemented this knowledge with input from individual departments to better understand how they are using GIS today, what challenges they experience, and what goals they would like to accomplish. We also reviewed the County’s overall strategic goals to make sure our recommendations aligned with that vision.

Based on this information, WithersRavenel recommended five key action items:

  1. Data Consolidation, Organization, and Conversion
  2. Hardware and Software Upgrades
  3. Short-Term and Long-Term Staffing Increases
  4. Development and Implementation of a GIS Training Plan
  5. Integration of GIS into County’s Information Technology Strategic Plan

These recommendations are designed to be achievable over the next five years.