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Grant Funding

When the only thing standing between a desire for a recreational facility and a treasured community amenity is finances, grant funding can help clients make their visions a reality. In North Carolina, the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) is a key source of funding that provides dollar-for-dollar matching grants to municipalities for both renovations and new facilities. Competition for grant money is fierce, therefore municipalities must make compelling cases for their projects while fulfilling all program requirements and meeting application deadlines.

WithersRavenel partners with clients to shepherd them through the process, from understanding the community’s needs and generating public interest to designing a constructible and attractive facility to securing and administering funds. Expertise in land planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and environmental science enable our multidisciplinary team to take our client’s concepts to concrete.

Our Services

  • Project Description & Justification
  • PARTF Site Plan & Site Vicinity Map
  • Project Design & Master Planning
  • Illustrative Renderings & Graphics
  • Estimate of Probable Cost
  • Environmental Review
  • PARTF Scoring System Completion
  • Master Plan Documentation
  • Community Surveys
  • Public & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Application Preparation

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