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Public Engagement

Recreational facilities, whether new developments, expansions, or improvements to existing facilities, are most successful when the community feels a sense of ownership for the project. Effectively managing public communication can be challenging on these projects because there are often multiple or diverse stakeholder groups, each of which feels passionately about the outcome.

Rather than seek to curb that passion, WithersRavenel works with clients to harness it to drive engagement, encourage constructive feedback, and build consensus. We regularly interact with government officials, project steering committees, partner organizations, and citizens to educate and inform about the project development process. Using a variety of visual, tactile, and digital tools, we can gain a better understanding of users’ expectations and needs to inform planning and design efforts, which in turn generates interest and fosters that sought-after feeling of ownership and community pride.

Our Services

  • Project Information Stations
  • Precedent Image Library
  • Consensus-Building Activities
  • Comment Cards
  • Email Follow-Up
  • Online Surveys
  • Georeferenced Feedback Maps
  • Community Events & Festival Attendance
  • Social Media, including Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter

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