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Wetlands, streams, and riparian stream buffers affect development plans on virtually all properties, for every type of development. WithersRavenel provides a suite of environmental due diligence services to identify and anticipate site-specific conditions that could result in development constraints and affect site design.

Working through a myriad of complex federal, state, and local regulations associated with wetlands can also be cumbersome. And, if not approached with a firm grasp of today’s regulatory climate, these obstacles can create unexpected hardships, leading to costly delays and inflated budgets. Our comprehensive knowledge of ever-changing environmental regulations allows us to provide alternative approaches for project design and permitting strategies to accomplish the client’s goals while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Our experience in the proper characterization of wetlands spans development of residential, commercial, and industrial projects for private and municipal clients, from residential subdivisions, greenways, and utilities to industrial plant expansions and large-scale municipal parks.

Our Services

  • Preliminary GIS Site Evaluation
  • Stream & Wetland Delineation
  • Riparian Buffer Determination
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Survey
  • Regulatory Concurrence
  • 404/401 Permitting
  • Riparian Buffer Authorization Permitting
  • Mitigation Analysis and Coordination

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Director, Natural Resources

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