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Construction Administration & Observation

Acting as an agent of the owner, WithersRavenel provides comprehensive construction management and observation services on public and private infrastructure and land development projects throughout the life of the project. Through attentive site-related construction coordination and diligent documentation, we identify potential conflicts and work to resolve them in ways that do not jeopardize project goals.

Our construction management staff also coordinates with dry utility companies on the installation of their assets. We work with the local jurisdiction for initial, final, and yearly inspections and the acceptance of changes as needed.

Our Services

  • Construction Projects Management
  • Construction Observation QA/QC
  • Contract Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Completion Bond Estimates
  • Warranty Bond Estimates
  • Bidding & Contract Documents
  • Pay Application & Change Order Review
  • Client’s/Owner’s Liaison
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Stormwater Management
  • SCM/BMP Construction
  • SCM/BMP Annual Inspections & Certifications
  • Erosion Control NPDES Monitoring
  • Dry Utility Coordination

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