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ASLA elects Courtney Landoll to Nominating Committee

ASLA elects Courtney Landoll to Nominating Committee

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has selected Courtney Landoll, PLA for the National Board of Trustees’ Nominating Committee.

The ASLA Nominating Committee is responsible for soliciting, vetting, and recommending nominees for each national office filled by election. Each year, the committee prepares a slate of two nominees each for the offices of President-Elect and the Vice Presidents of Communication, Education, Finance, Government Affairs, Membership, and Professional Practice. If a special election is required to fill a vacancy, they propose two nominees for the vacant office.

Courtney ran against two other members for the Nominating Committee seat. In her speech to the Chapter Presidents, who made the final selection, she highlighted three things: the ongoing climate crisis; the need for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion; and the importance of public spaces in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a critical time for ASLA and for Landscape Architects across the country,” Courtney stressed. “Landscape Architects need to be leaders on projects and in their communities. Now is the time to ensure ASLA has the right leaders moving forward.”

As a member of the Nominating Committee, she pledged to seek out leaders who listen to both members and the public, demonstrate an ability to persuade skeptics, and express a willingness to be held accountable for their actions on key issues. These qualities, she feels, are necessary to elevate the profession above the common assumption that Landscape Architects are simply glorified landscapers, and to advocate for paradigm shifts toward green infrastructure and multi-modal transportation.

She is also committed to overturning the perception of ASLA as a “traditional” or “elitist” organization made up primarily of middle-aged white men. By working to introduce landscape architecture to students as early as elementary school, she hopes to spark greater interest in the profession among young professionals, women, and people of color.

The Chapter Presidents ultimately selected Courtney because her vision of transformational change at ASLA. Her passions amplify the mission of the organization, particularly goals related to membership. ASLA’s recently hired Chief Executive Officer, Torey Carter-Conneen, has been holding diversity summits and membership surveys to answer the question “how does ASLA become more diverse as an organization?”

In addition to her role on the Nominating Committee, Courtney remains active at the chapter level. NCASLA is hosting its annual conference virtually this year Wednesday May 19 through Thursday, May 20. The theme is Resilient Places + Spaces + Practice. NCASLA hopes to transition to more in-person events later in the year.

Prior to be selected for national service, Courtney served as the NCASLA President-Elect and Leadership Development Committee Member, ASLA Chapter Presidents Council Chair Elect/Chair (2015–2017), WASLA Chapter President-Elect/President (2014–2015) and Immediate Past-President (2016), and WASLA Conference Chair (2016).

Courtney is a Client Success Manager and Landscape Architect at WithersRavenel. She has 20 years of landscape architectural experience leading and implementing complex, multidisciplinary projects. She works with clients to achieve rigorous schedule and budgetary demands on urban healthcare, office, mixed-use, streetscape, and campus design projects. She specializes in designs that harmoniously balances materials and textures to provide an engaging site experience for the user that is also functional, cost-effective and easy to maintain for the owner.

Please join us in congratulating Courtney on this important position with ASLA. If you are a Professional Landscape Architect, pursuing licensure, or interested in a career in Landscape Architecture, we encourage you to get involved! Whether you choose to become a member of ASLA, advocate with legislators for the importance of the profession, or serve in a position that interact with public, you can help advance the work ASLA is doing at every level to set the agenda for a more positive future.