Celebrating National Surveyors Week 2018 – WithersRavenel

Celebrating National Surveyors Week 2018

Celebrating National Surveyors Week 2018

Hand-held computing devices with GNSS antennas have granted anyone the ability to determine where they are on the face of the earth at any time, but that power would not be possible without the tireless efforts of surveyors. Since ancient times, surveyors have gathered and recorded vital information about the land and water around us, including the location of geographic features and the boundaries of public and private property.

National Surveyors Week recognizes the importance of land surveyors in shaping our knowledge of where we are and what we have, which are the foundation of determining where we want to go and what we want to build. National Surveyors Week was proclaimed nationally by Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States of America, on February 13, 1984; it was proclaimed in the State of North Carolina by Governor Pat McCrory in 2016.

Surveying has been a core part of WithersRavenel’s service offering since 1990. Our Geomatics Department consists of 11 North Carolina Professional Land Surveyors and 32 additional field personnel, which enables us to deploy up to 14 survey crews on our clients’ projects. Our surveyors provide a comprehensive suite of services, including location and boundary surveys, property research and deed descriptions, ALTA surveys, right-of-way surveys and easement mapping, and topographic surveys. They also provide construction staking, GPS utility mapping, and as-built surveys to support active construction projects.

Their expertise is not restricted to the Earth’s surface, however—our team can also perform hydrographic surveys for underwater projects and aerial mapping support surveys using Unmanned Aircraft Systems, operated by one of four remote pilots who have met FAA and NCDOT licensing requirements. We also officially relaunched our subsurface utility engineering service line in 2016, allowing us to designate and locate buried wet and dry utility lines. This depth and breadth of staff means that we have the geomatics resources clients need for any kind of project, anywhere in North Carolina.

For more information about National Surveyors Week, including ways you can get involved, visit the National Society of Professional Surveyors website.