Clint Moureau joins Funding & Asset Management team – WithersRavenel

Clint Moureau joins WithersRavenel’s Funding and Asset Management team

Clint Moureau joins WithersRavenel’s Funding and Asset Management team

WithersRavenel welcomes Clint Moureau as a new employee-owner and project manager on our Funding and Asset Management team.

Clint brings nearly four decades of experience serving in and working with the U.S. military. From his time in the U.S. Army, Clint’s responsibilities included managing the operations of a 1,300-man Special Forces Group and managing special projects in Afghanistan. More recently, he worked as both an intelligence analyst and a military free-fall instructor, where he taught and evaluated military free-fall jumpers.

Additionally, Clint earned a Master of Business Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Campbell University.

Clint’s professional focus has always been about accomplishing the mission and helping his team members accomplish their missions. He plans to merge his leadership skills and MBA background to help clients find success with their projects at WithersRavenel.

“I am excited to join WithersRavenel and be part of a team that is making our communities better places to live and work,” Clint said. “I served in the Army in Special Forces units for more than 20 years. Special Operations Forces (SOF) have a foundation called SOF Truths, and WithersRavenel’s mission, vision and values align with them very well, particularly the first two: ‘Humans are more important than Hardware,’ and ‘Quality is better than Quantity.’”

Please join us in congratulating Clint Moureau! If you are looking for funding and asset management services, you can reach Clint at (910) 308-1174 or