Dynamic Duo: Stephen York & Thad Ellington – WithersRavenel

Dynamic Duo: Stephen York & Thad Ellington

Dynamic Duo: Stephen York & Thad Ellington

When it comes to Our People, Your Success, we believe that it takes two! This week, we’re highlighting pairs of employees whose strong teamwork has been pivotal for our projects, initiatives, and workflows. Today’s Dynamic Duo is Stephen York & Thad Ellington.

Stephen and Thad both work for the Land Development Department, where Stephen is a Senior CAD Technician, and Thad is a Senior Designer.

What types of projects have you teamed up on (or will team up on) this year?

Stephen and Thad have teamed up on a company-wide rebranding of overall appearance and functionality of standard plan sets. Their efforts will lead to WithersRavenel having an updated current and consistent look across all disciplines.

What do you enjoy most about working with your partner? What strengths do they bring to your projects?

Stephen: What I enjoy most about working with Thad is his many years of experience in our profession. I also enjoy the opportunity to hear how he has seen things done outside WithersRavenel. Thad wants to see progression and improvement, which aligns with what I want to see at our firm. I think what makes us as a combo unique is that we allow each other to show our strengths. We have a great way of knowing when something is not our partner’s strength, and when to pick up the other person. His hard work and determination on seeing this to the finish line has been strong motivation! Thad has been an awesome teammate to work with on this initiative and I am thankful for him.

Thad: Steve brings a passion and high quality to all his projects and goals. Steve is actively looking for WithersRavenel to grow while upholding its legacy. The most enjoyable part of working with Steve is sharing approaches and opinions. He is always respectful and wants to hear from you even if it is opposite of his opinion.

How do you, WithersRavenel, and/or your clients benefit from this teamwork?

Stephen: Our hope is that WithersRavenel is going to benefit from a fresh and distinguishable look that will be recognizable to clients. Teammates should see increased efficiencies with some of the built-in items that will be part of the new branding.

Thad: The goal with the branding initiative is to bring a clean, clear look that will be easily recognizable to our clients and municipalities while increasing efficiency and profit.

What is one fun thing (outside of work) that you both enjoy?

Stephen: If you were to ask the younger Thad and Steve, they would more than likely say surfing! Now I would say FAMILY!

Thad: We both used to surf in our childhood. We also enjoy sports, especially football. But number one would be family and community.