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Dynamic Duos: Lindsay Thomas & Hayley Sessoms

Dynamic Duos: Lindsay Thomas & Hayley Sessoms

When it comes to Our People, Your Success, we believe that it takes two! This week, we’re highlighting pairs of employees whose strong teamwork has been pivotal for your projects, initiatives, and workflows. Today’s Dynamic Duo is Lindsay Thomas & Hayley Sessoms.

Lindsay and Hayley are both Implementation Consultants focused on asset management. Lindsay is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) who has been working at WithersRavenel for 15 years; her current focus is on Capital Predictor implementations, where she takes her knowledge of asset databases and decision-making processes and combines them into one asset life cycle model. Hayley is much newer to WithersRavenel, but has a decade-long career devoted to computerized maintenance management systems and asset management software.

What types of projects have you teamed up on (or will team up on) this year?

Lindsay and Hayley are teaming up on Capital Predictor Lifecycle Modeling Implementations as well as Data Audits for clients who are interested in getting started with Lifecycle Modeling. This asset management software and service helps clients understand their infrastructure condition and needs in the present, while developing a roadmap for future growth, repairs and rehabilitation in the years to come.

What do you enjoy most about working with your partner? What strengths do they bring to your projects?

Hayley: Lindsay is always willing and able to help where needed. As a long time WithersRavenel employee, she knows all the company ins and outs. She is also a true GIS whiz, and has helped me greatly during my time here.

Lindsay: I enjoy working with Hayley because of her sweet demeanor and drive to do great work. We even help out each other with different strengths. I am more technical, while she has a great understanding for the sales and management side. Her knowledge of the inner workings of Brightly Software (formerly Dude Solutions, WithersRavenel’s software partner on Capital Predictor projects) definitely helps as well.

How do you, WithersRavenel, and/or your clients benefit from this teamwork?

Hayley: Lindsay and I make a great team because we share the workload evenly. For projects she leads, I assist by taking notes during the call, and vice versa. It always helps to have a second pair of eyes and ears on every project to make sure we’re helping our clients be successful.

Lindsay: I benefit because she keeps me on track and more organized than I would be alone. WithersRavenel benefits as we grow our client base outside of North Carolina and the implementation program we focus on. Our clients benefit from our teamwork because we participate in all workshops, no matter which one of us is leading the project. We both bring our knowledge and strength to all projects, allowing for our clients to be as successful as possible.

What is one fun thing (outside of work) that you both enjoy?

Hayley: We both enjoy spending time outdoors. We like to get out from behind our computers and breathe some fresh air since our work is 100% virtual.

Lindsay: We also both like taking care of our farm animals, dogs, and kids.