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Dynamic Duos: Lee Anna Maness & Olivia Devine

Dynamic Duos: Lee Anna Maness & Olivia Devine

When it comes to Our People, Your Success, we believe that it takes two! This week, we’re highlighting pairs of employees whose strong teamwork has been pivotal for your projects, initiatives, and workflows. Today’s Dynamic Duo is Lee Anna Maness & Olivia Devine.

Lee Anna and Olivia are both employees in our Human Resources Department. They are both young and bring a passion for helping our employee-owners navigate employee leave and other benefits while also taking the lead on staff recruitment initiatives.

What types of projects have you teamed up on (or will team up on) this year?

Olivia: Lee Anna and I collaborate on recruitment. Whether that be for interviews, candidate searches, or career fairs, we work together to hire the best candidates! We just attended Virginia Tech’s career fair and it was a blast! (For details on current job openings at WithersRavenel, click here.)

Lee Anna: With the large number of openings across different locations for our Geomatics and Environmental departments, it’s great to know there is someone with you working to find the best candidates and balance the related coordination, time, and effort of getting them on our team!

Lee Anna: We also team up to manage employee leave (FMLA, Short Term Disability, Workers’ Compensation, etc.). With any type of leave, we manage a lot of layers of information and important details, so working with Olivia to share the workload and double check each other is helpful. Often employee leave is unexpected, so if one of us has a lot on our plate at the time, it’s great to know the other can take the lead.

What do you enjoy most about working with your partner? What strengths do they bring to your projects?

Olivia: Lee Anna is very reliable and I can always count on her to help me out or answer any questions I have. Her ‘learner’ and ‘developer’ strengths shine when we work together. She has a mindset of continuous improvement and is always looking for ways to make things more efficient!

Lee Anna: One may think that the tag team nature of some of our responsibilities would be a challenge, but we both have ‘arranger’ strengths, which helps as we manage the many moving parts of recruitment and employee leave.

How do you, WithersRavenel, and/or your clients benefit from this teamwork?

Lee Anna: As a dynamic duo, we’ve hired 20+ people in the Environmental and Geomatics departments since Olivia joined full time 7 months ago! We weren’t able to fill these important positions as quickly prior to Olivia jumping in, so having her as the other half of this duo has been crucial as we try to keep up with hiring needs!

Olivia: I am lucky to be able to work with Lee Anna during the hiring process to bring new teammates on board and integrate them into WithersRavenel!

What is one fun thing (outside of work) that you both enjoy?

Both Lee Anna Maness and Olivia Devine graduated from North Carolina State, and they enjoy cheering on the Wolfpack!