NC ArcGIS conference goes virtual – WithersRavenel

NC ArcGIS conference goes virtual

NC ArcGIS conference goes virtual

The annual conference for the North Carolina ArcGIS Users Group (NCAUG) is going virtual, and WithersRavenel will be there.

From Sept. 2-4, attendees will be able to listen to a multitude of speakers during addresses and breakout sessions. Also, virtual scavenger hunts, games and cocktail events aim to bridge the virtual divide to bring conference attendees closer together.

WithersRavenel GIS Technician Justin Richardson will be leading a breakout session on Sept. 3. Richardson’s discussion will focus on combining the use of ESRI data collection apps Survey123 and Collector. While Collector is a more map-centric app, and Survey 123 is form-centric, Richardson will illustrate how using them together unites the strengths of each software. The result is more robust field collection and an improved user experience. WithersRavenel reaped the benefits of the combination during our Culvert Inspection Project for the City of Greensboro. For a full NCAUG presentation and event schedule, click here.

Additionally, WithersRavenel is a Global Sponsor for the virtual conference. Although we can’t connect with fellow GIS professionals and other attendees in person, we’re excited about the opportunities at the NCAUG event. See you online!