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Staying connected while working remotely

Staying connected while working remotely

For the first time, the majority of WithersRavenel employees are working from home. While some of our staff have experience with remote work, for many, this is the first time juggling the distractions, technological challenges, and feelings of isolation that working from home can bring. But in the spirit of our core values of Community, Collaboration, and Sustainability, our teams have come together to share their favorite ways of staying connected while working remotely.

Take advantage of technology

With seven offices across North Carolina, we already rely on instant messaging, teleconferencing, and Web-based tools to hold meetings and work on projects. Now we’ve added a few more strategies to make things both productive and a bit more personal:

  • Updating our statuses in Cisco Jabber to show whether we’re in the office, at home, or in the field.
  • Posting daily photos, GIFs, links, and affirmations on Facebook Workplace, because positivity invites more positivity.
  • Hosting coffee-and-chat video conferences via WebEx to catch up on non-work news. (Dress code is pajama chic.)

Show off your work from home setup

Are you working at a dining room table? Have you cobbled together a workstation from unused furniture? Do you run the risk of losing your seat to a cat, dog, or tiny human every time you stand up? Whatever your work from home setup, you’ll find it proudly represented here. Seeing each others’ spaces has reminded us of our colleagues’ ingenuity, determination, and sense of fun, even in times of stress.


Make live activities virtual

Health and wellness are a big part of the culture at WithersRavenel. Our staff come together each week to play softball and volleyball, practice yoga, and run. Even though these in-person group activities have been canceled or suspended, our athletes and yogi aren’t quitters: instead, they’ve turned to free and low-cost online fitness resources to stay active and be mindful.

Share recipes

Veteran home cooks and lunch packers may be rejoicing over more time in the kitchen, but for those accustomed to grabbing a quick bite to go between appointments, keeping the daily meal rotation exciting is proving more difficult.

The best post in this category is a tie between Troy Beasley and Matt Crawford. Troy whipped up a Backyard BBQ omelet using organic eggs, a hotdog, a leftover cheeseburger, and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar. Matt showed us how to upgrade a frozen pizza with pepperoni, pesto, BBQ sauce, pineapple, and mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses.

This trend is just getting off the ground on Workplace, but we expect to see more creative ways to use leftovers and pantry staples in the coming weeks.

Swap music playlists and podcast recommendations

Sharing your favorite jam or a must-hear radio show not only breaks up the monotony of staying at home, but also gives you something to talk about besides the news cycle.

Bri Labbate hooked us up with her DOO-WOP (don’t stop) Playlist, and Brandon Miller reminded us of this Billy Strings performance at Sweetwater 420Fest in Atlanta last year.

Top podcast recommendations include these gems:

  • Office Ladies
  • Criminal
  • You Can Sip with Us
  • 10 Things That Scare Me
  • Revisionist History
  • Richest Hill
  • My Brother, My Brother And Me
  • Radiolab
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Everything Is Alive
  • Reveal

No matter where you are or what your work situation looks like, all of us here at WithersRavenel hope you remain safe, healthy, and connected as we all weather the challenges ahead.