WithersRavenel drone professionals demonstrate craft to NC State students – WithersRavenel

WithersRavenel drone professionals demonstrate craft to NC State students

WithersRavenel drone professionals demonstrate craft to NC State students

For WithersRavenel remote sensing technician Jared Medford, geomatics was not a career path on his radar when he arrived at N.C. State University.

But while pursuing a major in Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology, a class in geomatics and a demonstration by WithersRavenel remote sensing professionals turned him on to his current career.

Now Jared is part of the WithersRavenel geomatics team returning to N.C. State to share insights into drone/unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flights and remote sensing with a new class of students studying Biological and Agricultural Engineering and Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology. The appearance by WithersRavenel professionals to demonstrate cutting-edge surveying technology is part of the semester-long (16-week) course in geomatics, which consists of both lecture and lab instruction.

WithersRavenel UAS pilots Chris Godwin and Aaron Varnau are also taking part in the instruction with Jared. The WithersRavenel remote sensing technicians give the students a field demonstration and show what geomatics professionals do on the job.

In addition to orthophotography, terrestrial LiDAR scanning, and LiDAR flight demos, WithersRavenel technicians use tablets and computer screens to show students what the pilots are monitoring while flying. Following the labs, WithersRavenel turns over the data the students helped collect so they can use it in follow-up practice exercises. WithersRavenel also encourages students to contact our geomatics team members after the event if they have questions or are interested in future career opportunities.

The class certainly sparked an interest for Jared, who became the teaching assistant for the N.C. State geomatics class before graduating and taking a position in geomatics with WithersRavenel. Jared plans to go back to N.C. State in the spring of 2023 to begin to pursue a master’s degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering with a Systems Analysis concentration. Additionally, current WithersRavenel intern Jeremiah Bray developed an interest in geomatics through the N.C. State program.

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