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WithersRavenel prepares its future project managers

WithersRavenel prepares its future project managers

The professional growth of the more than 340 employee-owners at WithersRavenel is integral to the firm’s continued success.

WithersRavenel’s Future Project Managers Academy (FPMA) is part of this endeavor. The FPMA was created to give additional training to project managers and future project managers who show strong potential to be leaders in their practice area. The academy kicked off with its first cohort of 22 future project managers in July 2021. Each cohort takes part in 18 learning sessions over a period of 18 months.

The one-hour sessions held every month are conducted virtually for staff spread across North Carolina (and beyond). Subject matter experts (SMEs) lead these sessions that are less of a lecture and more an interactive learning experience. The SMEs provide insights and in-depth understanding of situations a project manager is likely to face. The topics covered include everything from soft skills needed to work successfully with clients to improving personnel productivity, and understanding internal financials and applications used for successful project management.

This year, a second cohort of the FPMA kicked off its 18-month journey. The first learning session was April 27. Prior to the opening session, most of the members from this talented group of 25, from across disciplines and our nine offices in North Carolina, attended an orientation at Fortnight Brewing in Cary. The gathering helped them put names to faces, and to understand expectations and objectives of these sessions.

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