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Duffyfield Stormwater Community Enhancements

  • A map of the Duffyfield stormwater watershed and surrounding area

About This Project

The goal of the City of New Bern’s innovative stormwater and wetland improvement project, Duffyfield Community Stormwater Enhancements, is to transform a community liability to a community asset by utilizing city-owned parcels and undevelopable, FEMA buyout repetitive-loss properties to create a community park. The park offers green space that will be designed as a resilient wetland system that improves water quality by storing and treating small rainfall events but also mitigates localized flooding during medium-sized storm events.

Duffyfield Community Stormwater/Wetland Enhancements will create a 5 acre +/- multifunction urban stormwater treatment facility designed to function as an urban wetland by utilizing blighted land and transforming it into a stormwater retention and treatment network, that will improve community health, serve as a passive recreational park, and spur investment in a historically underserved community.

WithersRavenel is working on development of the Phase 1 construction plans, which are focused on enlarging the existing storage pond at the downstream end of the park and upgrading pump and outlet control systems that will also serve future phases of park development. We also helped the City secure funding to continue with Phases II and III of the project.