Services Public Engagement

Building community connections and understanding through equitable, innovative community engagement and meeting people where they are

Community Engagement

WithersRavenel and architecture firm GreenbergFarrow participated in a creative community engagement process in Darlington, South Carolina, to help understand and collaborate with them on the Darlington Renaissance Master Plan.

Public Engagement in Spruce Pine, NC

A downtown streetscape public engagement event in Spruce Pine was part of WithersRavenel’s Design + Planning team’s practice of meeting people where they are. Spruce Pine hosts a “Third Thursday” each month, and we took that opportunity to engage with the community on a streetscape plan. We asked them about what an improved streetscape was in their opinion as our team members presented visualizations for ideas and options.

Our Process

Successful and meaningful community engagement is dependent upon providing multiple opportunities for people to share their perspectives and aspirations.

  • Steering Committees

    Interested volunteers stay informed and engaged throughout the entire project process.

  • Stakeholder Interviews and Focus Groups

    Small-group meetings bring together people with similar interests, knowledge, or history.

  • Community Ambassadors

    Passionate partners and local experts to engage greater numbers of people and target key demographic groups.

  • Surveys

    A combination of online tools and printed material to reach as many people as possible at their convenience.

  • Public Workshops

    Real-time, two-way interaction that encourages participation, self-expression, and investment.

  • Engagement Kits

    On-the-go tools to be shared with and used by Community Ambassadors that mimic the activities and materials presented at workshops.

  • Social Media

    Real-time information sharing that promotes conversation and coordination among community members as well as with community leaders.

  • Project Website

    A one-stop shop for the latest facts, figures, and project progress updates.

  • Design Charette

    In-person, highly interactive, hands-on visual exercise where community members draw, design, build, and shape the future of their built environment.

  • Public Meetings and Adoption Hearings

    Presentation and receiving direction at regularly-scheduled public meetings of the Planning Board or Council/Board of Commissioners.